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From now on, until revoked, the payment with 50%TRIL & 50% FIAT is possible.
Here is the instruction on how to work efficiently with IT-GURUs in case of TRIL partial payment:

Currently we are in the position to exchange 6000 TRIL per week only, meaning requests will be handled on FIFO bases, First In First Out, with a max. purchase volume per customer of approx. USD 3000,-.  In this way we can serve approx. 4-6 customers per week.  Are you one of those preferred selected?

Who makes it easy for us, has his products faster 😉

A) For customers from within the EU area:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Private customers outside Switzerland, but in the EU area, will receive an invoice in EURO with Dutch, German or Austrian VAT number or if the customer prefers, an               invoice with Swiss VAT, which will be declared as 'self-collector'.                                                                                                                                                                               Business customers in the EU area are either supplied via our existing VAT numbers including local VAT or if desired also gladly by intra-community delivery.  The latter           must be agreed in advance in writing by e-mail.  In the supplement no more changes are made!

     For customers worldwide:
     Exports outside the EU are handled via our Dutch VAT number based on FCA Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam Harbor to the forwarder of your choice.  Alternative Ts&Cs             must be specified in writing in advance.  Based currency or alternative terms are subject to negotiation.

     For customers in Switzerland:
     Standard commercial invoices with Swiss VAT will be created, whether private or business!

B) Further order process:

     We only accept TRIL orders by email via  Requests via phone or WhatsApp/Telegram will not be heard!
     Your e-mail request should entail the following information:

  1. link of the product you are looking for incl. original equipment manufacturer number (oem)
  2. invoice & delivery address and
  3. private customer or company (for companies the tax ID is obligatory, otherwise a 'self-collector' invoice will be created).
  4. specification of the currency for the 50% FIAT part. The following currencies are accepted: CHF, USD, EUR.  If you prefer to pay in a different currency, please send your request in your first email. 
  5. IT-GURUs will then create an invoice with 50% TRIL & 50% FIAT and sends it exclusively to customers via: 
  6. the customer will transfer the FIAT amount and send a picture/payment slip to, whereupon IT-GURUs will issue the payment link for TRIL
  7. both invoice amounts must be paid within max. 24 hours, otherwise the customer is in default and there will be a cancellation on our part. Possible third party costs will be charged to the customer.  This is to ensure efficiency for both parties.
  8. as soon as both amounts are balanced to our accounts, the purchase and delivery process of the goods to the customer begins, which depending on your delivery address will take a few days within Europe only.